The Monsters

Author: Naghmeh Samini
Director: Mohammad Yaghoubi

Trailer by: Shayan Afkari (Based on a video by Mostafa Qaheri)

About The Monsters

The Monsters is a Persian play originally entitled Hayoula-Khani written by Naghmeh Samini. NOWADAYS THEATRE presented this play directed by Mohammad Yaghoubi on August 4th 2017 at Fairview Library Theatre for Persian community of Toronto.

The cast was as follows:

Aida Keykhaii…Marzieh

Siavash Shaban Pour…Ebrahim

Mahmoud Ramezani...Saeed Shahzad

Yasha Khozoui…Younes

The first production of The Monsters was presented by NOWADAYS THEATRE and directed by Mohammad Yaghoubi at SHAHR theatre, Tehran, Iran, in 2014.


Ibraham is a blind man who works as a censor. His son has been in a coma for a long time, so his daughter-in-law, Marziyeh reads the books for Ibrahim and he decides which words and phrases need to be taken out for obtaining the permission for publishing.

This play was first performed in Shahr Theatre in 2014 in Iran and was on the stage for a month. Aida keikhaee, who played in this performance was nominated for the Acting Award from the Iranian House Theater Actors.