•To engage, inspire, entertain and challenge audience with innovative and entertaining productions in both traditional and non-traditional playing spaces, using contemporary Canadian plays, provocative plays written by playwrights from other cultures and countries, and new interpretations of classic texts.
•To train and support the next generation of theatre artists we provide arts education programs to a diverse community
•To support the cultural diversity of Canada and Ontario, we want to produce artistic works with different cultural communities without limiting ourselves to one. We want to bring together professional and talented artists to collaborate towards artistic productions such as theatre, Film, Animation, Dance, etc. We seek inspiration from various cultures for our artistic enrichment and to add to the cultural scene of Canada
•To show the rich cultural mosaic of Canada as a successful model of multiculturalism, we want to engage diverse professional Artists to create provocative artistic works.
•To accentuate the necessity of dialogue between different cultures and civilization, we want to exchange artistic experience between different cultures.


•To explore the art form of theatre through the development and presentation of new works.
•To produce and present theatre that reinterprets the classics, and explores current social issues.
•To serve minority groups and will carry over the commitment to these groups by employing diverse, multicultural theatre artists.
•To create original, innovative and relevant theatre experiences that stimulate and inspire people to think critically about the world around them, and to engage in constructive and creative self-expression.
•To build community through collaborative projects.
•To translate, produce and perform Canadian plays in other countries and to translate, produce and perform international play in Canada.