NOWADAYS THEATRE is a not-for-profit company founded by Aida Keykhaii and Mohammad Yaghoubi in 2016. It is a highly acclaimed theatre company with over a decade of background in Iran with its Farsi name: ‘In-rooz-ha’ which means: ‘Nowadays’.

Aida Keykhaii is an established and highly-acclaimed artist in Iran, with over ten years of work as a director, actress and producer. Mohammad Yaghoubi is an award-winning playwright and director, with nearly 20 years of experience in the industry.

Recently NOWADAYS THEATRE presented the celebrated Iranian play ‘Winter of 88’ written and directed by Mohammad Yaghoubi at 2020 Next Stage Theatre Festival, Toronto. The production received amazing reviews including 5Ns review from Now Magazine.

NOWADAYS THEATRE was the 2018-19 RBC Emerging Company in Residence at Canadian Stage, where they developed and presented one of their established Iranian plays,‘The Only Possible Way’ by Mohammad Yaghoubi.

Since 2016, they have performed eleven plays, primarily for Farsi speaking community of Toronto. Productions include: ‘Proof’, ‘The Pillowman’, ‘The Monsters’, ‘Sleeping in an Empty Cup’, ‘Iceland’, ‘Angels in Iran’, ‘A Moment of Silence’ (English premiere), ‘Swim Team’ (English premiere), ‘Dance of Torn Papers’ (English premiere), ‘The Only Possible Way’ (English premiere), and ‘Winter of 88’ (English premiere).

NOWADAYS THEATRE prioritizes creative works that address socially-relevant topics and has been introducing socially relevant works that provoke public discourse and promote community engagement. In the interest of inspiring cross-cultural dialogue and supporting cultural diversity in Canada, NOWADAYS THEATRE translates Canadian plays into Farsi, and Iranian plays into English.Our works have been performed in Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Kurdistan, Sweden, The Czech Republic, Turkey, and USA.

Our logo was designed by the artist Amir Esmi.