Acting, Play-reading and Writing classes at NOWADAYS THEATRE

Mohammad Yaghoubi and Aida Keykhaii hold online, writing, and Play-reading workshops on days when many artistic activities have been shut down due to the spread of coronavirus.

Mohammed Yaghoubi (playwright / director) and Aida Keykhaii (actor/director), who have emigrated to Canada, found out it’s a good opportunity to entertain people and held workshops for enthusiasts during these days and Coronavirus outbreak.

Naturally, the workshops are held online, and all Persian-speaking actors who are interested in acting or writing can participate.

Two artists wrote: “The online acting workshop is an opportunity to connect Persian-speaking art-lovers around the world. Now that Coronavirus has forced us to stay home and avoid social gathering, technology can help us overcome this limitation and have been excused for pushing boundaries. Art can more than ever be our refuge for communication, teamwork, and artistic pleasure. ”

Each workshop is twelve three-hour sessions and depending on the time of the countries, the registrants will be divided into different groups and different workshops will be held for them.

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