Sleeping in an Empty Cup

Author: Naghmeh Samini
Director: Aida Keykhaii

Trailer by: Mohammad Houshmand

About Sleeping in an Empty Cup

‘Sleeping in an Empty Cup’ is a play in eight acts. NOWADAYS THEATRE presented this play directed by Aida Keykhaii on October 26th 2017 at Fairview Library Theatre for Persian community of Toronto.

The cast was as follows:

Mona Ketabian…Mahtab / Mahrokh

Siavash Shaban Pour…Faramarz

Banafsheh Taherian…Mahleili (Aqa Ammeh)


Faramarz and Mahtab, an unhappy couple who are the only inheritors of an aristocrat Ghajar family, are anxiously awaiting the death of their grandfather’s aunt, the hundred-and-twenty-year-old owner of an ancestral mansion. They want to split the inheritance and go their separate ways, but subsequent events shock them and bring out the dark secrets of their family. The play is the story of the shattering dreams of a vivacious young woman faced with the obstacles in her life.