Earworm /تیمور لنگ

World premiere


Performed in English with select performances in Farsi, EARWORM, a Nowadays Theatre production in association with Crow’s Theatre, is written and directed by Mohammad Yaghoubi. Homa, a long-time immigrant from Iran who fled persecution from the Islamic regime, must negotiate the reality that her son is in love with a conservative Muslim woman. When Homa’s past catches up to her in present-day Toronto, their future happiness is threatened.

‘Earworm’ was inspired by real-life events that the playwright encountered in Toronto. The Iranian community in Canada is highly polarized. It is a disparate community, home to various groups and classes of immigrants, including but not limited to students, families who immigrated for better living situations, political asylum seekers, and individuals suspected of receiving funds from the Islamic Republic government of Iran to support its policies in Canada.

In recent years, the Iranian Canadian community has observed an increased number of individuals tied to the oppressive “Islamic Republic” regime of Iran settling in Canada. The Iranian community is deeply concerned about Canada’s open reception of these individuals and the issuance of visas for their settlement. Permitting such individuals to establish themselves in Canada while simultaneously supporting and legitimizing the policies of the Islamic Republic Regime is a matter of grave concern.

In solidarity with the oppressed people of our home country (Iran) and serving as a voice for Iranian immigrants in Canada and around the world, our theatre project ‘Earworm’ delves into various themes such as the complex interplay between love and responsibility, power dynamics, sexual harassment, the pursuit of justice, the tension between sacrifice and revenge, and the elusive concept of political asylum.

A Nowadays Theatre Production in Association with Crow’s Theatre

Playwright: Mohammad Yaghoubi

* Aida Keykhaii
* Amir Maghami
* Parya Heravi
* Amir Zavosh

Production Team:

* Mohammad Yaghoubi (Director)
* Kayhan Mortezavi (Set Designer)
* David DeGrow (Lighting Designer)
* Hajar Moradi (Videographer)
* Farshad Fozooni (Musician)
* Sabrina Weinstein (Stage Manager)
* Anisa Tejpar (Intimacy Director)
* Kimia Ouloub (Assistant Director)
* Amir Parsa (Assistant Stage Manager)
* Kiarash Aalipour (Public Relation and Marketing Manager)

Show Dates:

Feb 6 – Feb 25, 2024


Studio Theatre
Studio Theatre, Crow’s Theatre, 345 Carlaw Ave, Toronto, ON M4M 2T1

Duration: 100 Minutes

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