1. The play must be presented as originally written, without any additions or modifications to the title or content. This includes restrictions on altering, updating, or amending the time, locales, or settings of the play in any manner.
  2. The author, Mohammad Yaghoubi, must be credited as the sole and exclusive author of the play in all programs distributed in connection with the performances and in any instance where the title of the play is used for advertising, publicizing, or exploiting the play or its production. The author’s name should appear on a separate line immediately beneath the title, with a font size and prominence equal to 50% of the largest letter used for the play’s title. No other person, firm, or entity shall receive larger or more prominent credit than the author.
  3. Performances must take place on the specified dates and at the designated location. Any proposed changes to the dates, venue, or number of performances must receive prior written approval from the playwright to be considered valid.
  4. This authorization solely covers stage rights. All other rights, including but not limited to television, video, or audio taping, mechanical or electronic reproduction (e.g., information storage and retrieval systems, photocopying), are reserved by the author(s) and are not included in this grant. Reproduction of any kind, even for personal use, is strictly prohibited.
  5. The authorized person/department agrees to pay a royalty fee of 6% of the Gross Box Office revenue to the copyright owner. The fee should be remitted to the copyright owner’s TD bank account at 06772-004-6452719, with the swift code: TDOMCATTTOR, or via PayPal at nowadaystheatre@gmail.com.
  6. Any other rights not explicitly specified here are retained by the copyright owner.